ActionScript and JSON Idea

I just had a new idea. Or, at least it's new to me. The idea is a framework for a Rich Internet Application (RIA) that allows a Flex-based RIA to communicate with a server-based database using a RESTful JSON communication channel.

RoR is the Mac User's Programming Language

I like to keep an open ear for new technologies coming out, especially in the software development arena. One new item that a lot of people are raving about is Ruby on Rails (RoR). So, I decided to check it out.

I found out that it's made by a bunch of Mac users. As most computer professionals know, Mac users all fall into one of two categories. The first (and larger) category is grandparents that can't type much less use a computer. This is the group that believes having more than one button on your mouse is far to confusing.

ME the Scrummaster

I will be traveling to Tampa, FL this week (Thursday and Friday) to attend a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) training session hosted by Michael Vizdos. I have read a couple of his books and his web site seems funny. Hopefully I will learn something about Agile in general and Scrum in particular.

SCORM 2.0 Call for White Papers

The ADL community has turned over the development of SCORM 2.0 to the LETSI organization. LETSI has just put out a call for white papers that will be used to shape the next version of the SCORM specification. You can find some more info on the status of SCORM 2.0 at the LESTI web site.

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