Joomla! Part 3: Setting Up Joomla

Now that we have set up our SQL Server it's time to set up Joomla. Start your WampServer, click on the the icon in your task bar, then choose Localhost. From here the install process for this quite simple, really all you have to do for the first three steps is just answer a few questions.

Joomla! Install Part 2: Setting Up WAMP

Now that we have all the necessary downloads, now it's time to start the install. The first thing you want to do is unzip the Joomla program, remember when doing this it's best to unzip it to a file that is related to the program. The next thing on our list is to unzip copy over some files into the WAMP folder. The folder you will want to paste the files is in the www folder. Now it's time to rune WAMP.

Joomla! Install Introduction

Joomla! Install Part 1: What Do I Need?

Well it's about time to get started, the first thing is to do before we download Joomla is make sure we have a web server, code execution engine (PHP), and MySQL. To start off we need a web sever, now if you don't have a web hoster don't worry, you can install Joomla on a local host and later transfer it to a web server. For the purpose of this install we are going to put it on a local host. Second we need an execution engine (PHP). To accomplish this we need a program like Visual studio but not everybody has the money to own such a program.

SCORM 2.0 White Paper

Well, my white paper was accepted by the LETSI community and they seem to have liked it very much! After a week of deliberations in a working group meeting in Pensacola, FL, the LETSI group has decided that my recomendation for SCORM Seqeucing and Navigation is to be used as the vision for guiding the future versions of the specification.

Windows Workflow

I have recently discovered a really cool feature of the .Net framework 3.5 called Windows Workflow Foundation. I know that I am a little slow and that it has been around for a couple of years but this is the first time I have tried using it. So, if you are not really familiar with WF the reason you would want to use it is if you need to automate business processes.

Product Backlogs and User Stories using CSA

I have been planning for the start of a new project and one of the key decisions to make is how to manage and format the product backlog. I have come up with a few options that all sound like they could work. So, here's the list:

SCORM 2.0 White Paper

So, my white paper is at a draft stage. I essentially have all the data I need to complete it but it still looks ugly. I need to clean up the graphics and make them attractive and put the paper in the correct layout. The IEEE uses a two-column format for white papers, so I will need to lay out my paper in the same format.


I recently blogged about my trip to Tampa for a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) training course. I just wanted to say that it was pretty cool. The guy running it, Mike Vizdos, was a pretty good facilitator and we had a great group there. There where some developers from Chase bank, the Home Shopping Network, the Orange County School Board, and me.

Thanks Mike. The class was worth the money.

Scrum Roles

I have recently been very excited about Scrum and agile software development in general. Today, I was thinking about the team roles in Scrum. Scrum has only three roles - Product Owner, Scrummaster, and Team.

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