WAMP: Dual Setup

So you want to learn Drupal and Joomla on your local machine but, WAMP only recognizes one localhost at a time. How do you set it up for two, easy.

First, you have to make sure you have both Drupal and Joomla down loaded. Your next course of action is to create two folders in the WAMP directory, name one www-d (for Drupal) and the other www-J. After making these directories copy all of the Drupal files into the folder you made for Drupal and to the same for Joomla. Since you have these two files there is no need for the www folder so delete it.

Drupal! Install Part 3: Setting Up Drupal

Now that we have installed and set up our SQL server it's time to install Drupal. Start your WampServer, click on the the icon in your task bar, then choose Localhost. This is where the Drupal Install happens.

It's here that all you will need to do is answer a few questions and you'll be on your way. Just rember that you're setting this up on a localhost. So when it ask you about your database you will need to tell it that it's local and don't forget your user name and password for the database. Other than that you should be fine.

Drupal! Install Part 2: Setting Up WAMP

Now that we have all the necessary downloads, now it's time to start the install. The first thing you want to do is unzip the Drupal program, remember when doing this it's best to unzip it to a file that is related to the program. The next thing on our list is to unzip copy over some files into the WAMP folder. The folder you will want to paste the files is in the www folder. Now it's time to run WAMP.

Drupal! Install Part 1: What Do I Need?

So you've decided to start building website but you're not sure what program to use. You've looked at Dot Net Nuke but, discovered it's not quite as user friendly as it seemed. A friend then told you about Joomla and upon further examination it's more text oriented and you want to sell stuff on the internet. Well here's Drupal, easy enough to use, modify, and install. If you follow these simple steps everything should go smoothly.

User Group Presentation

Craig's List in the Clouds?

Here is an interesting idea: Create a Craig's List clone and run it on the Microsoft Azure Services cloud computing platform.

ERP Database Schema

As I continue to refine my thoughts on an ERP system, I have come up with an idea for a database schema. The system will require that end users be able to customize the data entities they are storing. I am using the metaphor of a Work Ticket to describe these entities. Each ticket will have some common fields that integrated it with the overall system but most of the fields will be customized to each different kind of ticket.

ERP System

I have been plotting and scheming about the Enterprise Resource Planning application that I am considering as a project for Stick Figure Software to undertake.

My thinking is that I will build a database using SQLite then use the ADO.Net Entity Framework to create a database Object-to-Relational mapping layer for the lowest tier. Using the Entity Framework will make it seamless to change out the database layer to MS SQL Server or other higher transaction systems.

ERP Application Development Project

I am considering several options for Stick Figure's first major project. During my wandering thoughts, I keep coming back to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Of course, this is a pretty ambitious endevor and I wonder if I should start with something much smaller before I jump into something this massive. Here is a mind map that helped me to break down some of the requirements for an ERP system.


I have been doing a lot of reading about Enterprise Service Busses and how to integrate a service-based system across an enterprise. I found one site that looks pretty good called the E-Framework.

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