Being Unemployed

At some point in our life we have either our self or known someone that has become unemployed, for me I became the one unemployed. I had been working in the housing industry and was making the transition to the IT world when I was let go. Now you may be wondering why would someone who is working blog about being unemployed. I write to tell you that while you may be out of work that is actually the prime time to improve upon yourself and your career.
With the down time you have the opportunity to think about either going back to school or earning that next certification. For those who have been in the workforce a good number of years it can be hard to set aside the time to go back to school or devote the time for the certification. Believe me though it can be for the best. With the market flooded with many from the IT field employers can be all the more choosy. Even though I have been able to find a job I am still continuing my education. I believe that when employers do see you are continuing your education or working toward a certification it increases your chances of being hired. I may be preaching to a lot of people in the quire, but we all have to agree that staying on top of our chosen field is one of the best ways to stay employed or get employed.
One of the advantages of going back to school is access to another avenue of job placement. Many schools either have programs to help students or have positions available for students. Another advantage of going back is the new connections that can be made. Not all teachers are just that, many are adjuncts and may know or have positions available where they work.
Another avenue to also look at is the local user groups and volunteering. These are actually two great avenues to get you noticed and a foot in the door to a job interview. For me volunteering at the local zoo for a day, once a week helped. For one it helped break up the monotony of being home, it also helped me see an IT need for one of the departments. It was this need that allowed me to work with a new program that was still in beta testing. This work also allowed me to add another skill to my resume and to get a leg up when a position became available.
Even though it was rough being unemployed it taught me many things. One, you will always need to keep improving yourself, no matter what. Another lesson I learned you have to talk about your fears. Keeping them bottled up will only make things worse, especially if you’re married or living with a significant other.