KeePass, what is it? KeePass is allows you to store all your passwords in an easy to find and use an encryption database. What I like about this software, besides that it's free to download ( ), is that you can set it up to auto fill in your user name and password, store your site URLS, make notes about the site, and you can even store the database to a URL.

With KeePass's built in password generator you don't have to worry about making up passwords for your websites. The software will generate a password for using letters, numbers, charcters using up to 114 bits. You can even give the password an expiration date as well.

Setting up KeePass is very simple and if you store your data base on Live Mesh or to a URL then after you set up your KeePass all you will have to do is import in the database. Why is that good is because you will have access to a constant updated database instead of having to keep a copy with you and update each database on each computer.

You can also group your sites into different categories from internet to programs on your computer. Yes KeePass will even let you store passwords for you computer programs and auto fill them in. So if you have to keep up with a lot of passwords then this is the program for you.