Hacked by Nobody Coder

Well it was bound to happen, my web site was hacked. There was good news and bad news about this happening. The good news is that it was an easy fix, the bad news it was by a rank amature. I guess I should really call that the good news since it was a very simple fix.The hacker's name is Nobody Coder and what he does is he hacks into the admin portion of the server. Once there he installs a malware that changes the PHP files and adds some HTML coding to point your site to his site. If you have been hacked by him it's easy to fix this and you'll be back up and running in a matter of minuites.

The first thing you need to do is go to the main directory of your site and copy over all the PHP and HTML files to your computer. If your site runs on Drupal or any other type of PHP format you can automatticaly delete those. If not open those up and verify they are infact yours. I recomend opening them up in NotePad ++ or some other text editor. Next you will need to look at the PHP files and verify those as well. You'll notice anything out of place and once you've discovered that these are in fact not yours, delete them. Now you have to replace those files, just go back to your Drupal software on your PC and just copy over those files. Once that is completed you're done and you should be back up and running. I recommend backing up your database just incase he strikes again.