Software Archecture

I'm working on my first real client access project and I see the real value in Scrum. One of the first things to do in any software project is to do mock ups. Making a mockup of what each screen is to look like is great for brain storming and visualization. There are many was to make the mockups but there is no substitution for good old fashioned pencil and paper.

Viso has a Windows XP interface template which is great for setting up a shell without any details. Once I got the master setup I printed it out on graph paper. I found printing on graph paper is great for keeping things in some sort of symmetry. Another great thing to do is to scan the mockups. That way you can save and see the changes discussed in the meeting. If you have a white board then it's even better. With a white board you can bring up the scans and write directly on them. When done you can save and email any ideas written on them.
You may be wondering why would someone blog about this. These are simple things that a lot of software designers don't think of.