Content Management System

Stick Figure Software offers custom installations of the excellent Content Management System (CMS) called Drupal. In fact, our web site runs on Drupal!

Using a CMS system for your web site gives you control of your own site. The power of this system is that you can add new pages to your site, make updates regularly, and take control of your own web presence. Stick Figure will set up the CMS for you, configure a custom theme, lay out the initial site sections, and install a editor client on your computer.

So, what you would do to maintain you site is open the super simple word processor application to enter the text of your new page. Here is a sample screen shot of this very page as I was editing it:


Next, you just select what section of the site it should appear under and click publish. It really is that simple. The CMS will automatically apply the proper fonts, colors, and placement of the content. It will automatically create menu entries and navigation aides for your customers and ensure that you site has a consistent brand image to all pages.