About Us

The Company Line

Stick Figure Software was founded in 2008 by Mark Ewer to fulfill is dream of owning his own software development firm. Mark's vision for Stick Figure is to open three lines of business as listed below.

The First Line

The first line of business for Stick Figure is the development of a core set of reusable components that can be installed as plug-ins or extensions to existing web applications like Joomla!, SharePoint, or WordPress. The hard part about developing a new application is marketing. During the startup period, a software development company will not have the capital resources to engage in an adequate marketing plan. Finding customers and advertising our products is not the area of expertise for a developer. So, Stick Figure is developing extensions to existing platforms. This allows us to capitalize on the marketing investment made by the platform producers. For example, Microsoft has already poored substantial resources into promotion of SharePoint. If Stick Figure builds an extension for SharePoint, then customers that have already invested in SharePoint will come looking for our products instead of us looking for them!

The Second Line

The second line of business for Stick Figure is consulting. Mark Ewer's skills in software design and application architectures makes him a fantastic consultant for companies that need assistance with IT projects. The development of company web sites or departmental data management applications and office automation are all potential consulting services that Stick Figure can provide. During the startup period, we will have to be careful to not over-extend our manpower. We will be selective about our customers, and make sure that we provide the highest quality service possible at a resonable price.