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Five Reasons Silverlight is Kicking Flash in the Pants

Let's face it - Flash and Silverlight are both awesome platforms for developing RIA applications and I have used Flash Builder (formerly Flex Builder) for a while. After building a significant application in Silverlight over the last 4 months, I have to say now I prefer Silverlight and it really isn't even close. In fact, from a developer's perspective, Silverlight is just kicking the pants off Flash. That's my opinion and here are my reasons:


I have started work on my next project. This project is to provide financial counseling and legal assistance to people when their home mortgage is being foreclosed.

The Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program (RMFMP) provides free credit counseling and foreclosure mediation services to borrowers in the state of Florida. Not everyone qualifies for the program, but it's a good deal for those that do.

Accommodate Project Complete

Well, I have completed the Accommodate project for the Ronald McDonald house of Iowa. The site is online and and useful. Let's discuss the architecture just a little.

Helper Method for the Helper Method

As you may know from my previous post, I am actively working on an ASP.Net MVC web site for the Ronald McDonald House of Iowa. I just wrote a helper function that turned out to be very useful for me.

ASP.Net MVC Helper Functions

ASP.Net MVC has some great helper functions for building forms, input elements, and links. Here is an example of the helper function that creates a hyperlink to the Index action on the Guest controller.


User Group Presentation

Craig's List in the Clouds?

Here is an interesting idea: Create a Craig's List clone and run it on the Microsoft Azure Services cloud computing platform.

ERP Database Schema

As I continue to refine my thoughts on an ERP system, I have come up with an idea for a database schema. The system will require that end users be able to customize the data entities they are storing. I am using the metaphor of a Work Ticket to describe these entities. Each ticket will have some common fields that integrated it with the overall system but most of the fields will be customized to each different kind of ticket.

ERP System

I have been plotting and scheming about the Enterprise Resource Planning application that I am considering as a project for Stick Figure Software to undertake.

My thinking is that I will build a database using SQLite then use the ADO.Net Entity Framework to create a database Object-to-Relational mapping layer for the lowest tier. Using the Entity Framework will make it seamless to change out the database layer to MS SQL Server or other higher transaction systems.

ERP Application Development Project

I am considering several options for Stick Figure's first major project. During my wandering thoughts, I keep coming back to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Of course, this is a pretty ambitious endevor and I wonder if I should start with something much smaller before I jump into something this massive. Here is a mind map that helped me to break down some of the requirements for an ERP system.

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